4 Style Tips You Can Learn From Dad

The LAB is dedicating this week to all the dads out there. Believe it or not but dad style has earned itself a notable standing in streetwear - so whether you're actually a dad or aspire to rock your old man's style, we put together a list of four things to help you elevate your dad steez.


1. Dad Jeans

4 Style Tips You Can Learn From Dad

Image courtesy of Fruugo.co.za

There's a reason why every dad has them - you might see a high waist just too close to his belly and something that should of been left in the 90's, but if you're a dad, you know that comfort is undeniable.


2. Dad Sneaker

4 Style Tips You Can Learn From Dad

Image courtesy of New Balance

The Dad sneaker has long been a staple of father's everywhere - you don't have to look too far to spot a few pairs in the streets. Remember, dad knows that comfort and style overrides performance any day, so cop yourself a pair of dad shoes, arguably the go-to tool for dad-tivities.


3. Dad Cap

4 Style Tips You Can Learn From Dad

Image courtesy of Upper Echelon

You don't have to be a dad to pull this one off. If dad jeans isn't your thing, the infamous dad cap is back in fashion. The curved-brim and snug fit is designed to keep dad looking fresh on the sports Feld - the dad cap is the perfect topper to at any dad style. Or cover that bald spot.


4. Dad Bag

4 Style Tips You Can Learn From Dad

Image courtesy of Not Seen Store

So you finally realised that you couldn't fit all your valuables into the pockets of your skinny jeans. Hey, it's small enough to carry the essentials, and you can strap it to your damn body so you'll decrease the risk of being robbed - thanks dad. Maybe dad style is actually, on the low, the coolest style out there, so give your old-man's steez some props. Let us know what you think of our list in the comments section.


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