5 Minutes With Culture Watchman Jay Carson

Presenting a new perspective, 'Township Rockstar' is a project by Jay Carson connects the modern life of the city with township life, portraying this infusion through fashion, photography, music with the aim of educating the world about prevalent lifestyle narratives in South Africa. Having recently travelled to NYC, we linked-up with him to chat and find our more about his obsession with the internet. 

Tell a bit about what you do?

I’m a cultural relatable brand, all around creative, and I create content for world renowned brands. I love research, and observing the changes and influences that impact our popular culture narrative.

Jay Carson

What's the Township Rockstar project all about?

Township Rockstar is a social cultural research project that educates, and introduces prevalent lifestyles in South Africa to the world through portraying the contemporary life by infusing the city modern life with the township life. TR has a global reach since it’s been on a higher rotation with international brands, like Puma, Vans , and Fila Uk, and magazines including GQ, Hunger That is based in London , etc.

Jay Carson

Tell us bit about your style? What kicks are on your rotation at the moment?

My style focuses on simplicity , I don’t overdress or do fashion hazards ,I just wear quality fabrics. the kicks that are on my rotation right now is the Puma Thunder Spectra , The Puma x Sega RS-0, The Puma RS-0 Play , Adidas Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow, and the Puma suede archive.

Jay Carson

You're currently in the US - what you working on and what can we expect?

Global content for my Zine “Pictures That Tells A Story”, and deliver more global coverage for brands that I’m in collaborating with including Sneaker Lab and Puma.

Jay Carson

What's next for Jay Carson?

I always keep asking myself that question, but I'm excited about a few new collaborations - all I can say is - look out for my global content collaboration with Sneaker Lab , taking place in New York City.


Follow Jay Carson on Instagram here and check out his work on Pictures That Tell a Story. We'll be linking up with Jay on his travels through NYC, so stay tuned from more content from the culture watcher.


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