5 Things You Didn't Know You Could do With Our Sneaker Wipes

The LAB is dedicating this week to all the dads out there. Believe it or not but dad style has earned itself a notable standing in streetwear - so whether you're actually a dad or aspire to rock your old man's style, we put together a list of of things you didn't know you could do with our sneaker wipes.

5 Things You Didn't know you could do with our Sneaker Wipes, if you're a Dad

1. Clean Your Golf Equipment

5 Things About Sneaker Lab Wipes
It doesn't necessarily what your handicap is, and if you're terrible don't worry because at least you rock-up to golf with you boss having the cleanest and well-kept golf equipment.

2. Clean Your Car Interior

5 Things To Do With Sneaker LAB Wipes

No matter how much you try, you're going to come across your kid's science experiment in the back seat - store our sneaker wipes in your car and use them before that science experiment grows limbs.

3. Freshen-up Your Computer Screen

5 Things about Sneaker Lab Wipes

Sam from IT has a problem not leaving your computer in the same state you left it - tear open a wipe and apply to the screen and key-board. It's safe, effective and your screen will look like new.

4. Remove Food Stains From Your Clothes

5 Things To Do With Sneaker LAB Wipes

Work lunches turn into work drinks, so you're likely to mess-up your favourite white shirt, or it might just be overtime and you're watching the big game - save a trip to the bathroom and whip out a sneaker wipe - it's quick, effective, easy to use and you'll never miss out.

5. Cover-up For The Kids

5 Things To Do With Sneaker LAB Wipes

So your wife leaves you alone with the kids - how hard can this be? Until you find them drawing on the wall. Our sneaker wipes are the perfect dad hack to clean-up and cover-up for the kids.

Spoil the old-man in your life and make sure his kicks are looking fresh AF - check-out our sneaker wipes and premium leather wipes. It's the ultimate dad-care cleaning kit this fathers day.


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