Sneaker LAB Introduces Hat Care

The same biotechnology, now designed to keep your headwear looking fresh.

Whether it’s properly maintaining a new hat or restoring life to one you’ve worn for years, we developed the solution to ensure your caps are clean and fresh. It’s the same environmentally-friendly biotech that you know and love - just for your hats.

Our Complete Hat Care Range includes:



Our Hat Cleaner contains no soaps or harsh chemicals. Just environmentally friendly pro-bacteria.

Hat Cleaner from Sneaker LAB on Vimeo.



Our Hat Protector keeps your hats looking fresher for longer, forming a shield against dirt and stains.


Hat Protector from Sneaker LAB on Vimeo.



Designed to eliminate bad odor, our new Hat Deodoriser ensures your hats stay fresh and clean.


Hat Deodorizer from Sneaker LAB on Vimeo.



Designed for an on-the-go hustle, our Hat Wipes are conveniently packaged to go wherever you do.


Hat Wipes from Sneaker LAB on Vimeo.


Check out our complete hat care range online and keep your eyes locked to our instagram feed for competitions.


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