How To Keep Your Trainers Looking Fresher For Longer

Unless you're a bona fide trainer addict who's blessed with a sneaker collection that lets you live in a fresh pair of sneakers everyday, you naturally want to keep your kicks as fresh as possible. We brought one of our favourite trainers, the Nike Dualtone Racer, into the LAB and matched these runners to our cleaning essentials. 

We've broken down the steps to keeping your Nike Dualtone Racers looking race day fresh:

How to Odor Protect Your Trainers

1. Stop the smells before they happen. Our Odor Protector is a pro-bacteria formula that kills the odor-causing bacteria found inside your shoe, eliminating the cause of bad smells. To use, simply spray the eco-friendly Odor Protector inside your trainer and leave overnight.

How to clean your Trainers on-the-go

2. If you find yourself with no time to give your new kicks the TLC they deserve, our Sneaker Wipes are the perfect on-the-go cleaning solution for an active lifestyle. They're conveniently packaged to keep on you. Simply tear open the sachet and apply the wipe to dirt or stains.

How to Clean Your Trainers on-the-go01
The sneaker wipes are conveniently packed, so you can take them anywhere, keeping your sneakers fresher for longer.

So whether you're pushing your limits in the gym or aiming to beat your personal best, we've got the sneaker cleaning essentials to clean, care and protect your trainers.




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