Keep Your Chucks Forever Young

“If your shoes slips and slides, get the one’s with the star on the side” - Cold Crush Brothers

 How to Clean Your White Converse

Chucks, a sneaker that needs no introduction, have always been a staple of anyone’s sneaker collection. It’s a sneaker that popular culture loves, ask anyone with a pair and they'll probably have a nostalgic story about this iconic shoe. As street style has changed over the years the Chuck Taylor One Star has always stayed true to it’s origins and stood the test of time. If you have a pair, or you're planning on adding one to your collection, we've put together the complete guide to cleaning and caring for your white Converse Chuck Taylors. 


We brought a pair of Chucks into the LAB and ran a few tests. See results below. We've broken down the steps to keeping your Chucks forever young: 

1. Your first priority is to get them protected. Spray the Sneaker Protector solution directly onto the upper and midsole of your new kicks. Allow the solution to soak in before adding another layer and leaving to dry overnight.

Protect You White Converse

This will create an invisible layer of protection which prevents liquids, solids, and even sunlight from damaging the upper.


2. When you do eventually get them dirty, our Sneaker Cleaner is safe to use on your Chucks. Our blend of pro-bacteria works to remove stains and continues to clean your shoes long after use, which means less cleaning, and less damage to your kicks over time. Spray over the dirt or stain, then gently massage affected area. 

Cleaning Your White Converse


3. Your Chucks were made to be worn, so you'll need something to keep the bad odors away. Our Odor Protect is a pro-bacteria formula that eliminates the odor-causing bacteria found inside your shoe, eliminating the cause of bad odor.

Odor Protect Your White Converse

To use, loosen the laces of your Chucks, then simply spray the eco-friendly Odour Protector inside your sneakers and leave overnight. 


4. Designed for cleaning on-the-go, our Sneaker Wipes are  perfect  for an active lifestyle. Our Premium Wipes are soaked with our Pro-bacteria Sneaker Cleaner formula, providing a convenient, waterless cleaning solution.

Clean Your White Chucks On The Go

Simply tear open the sachet and apply the wipe to dirt or stain. The wipes are conveniently packed, so you can take them anywhere, keeping your sneakers fresher for longer.


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