Introducing the ‘Sneaker Eulogy’ – Miniature Sneaker Art Pieces

Eric Ng is an Australian illustrator, who creates miniature art pieces of shoes and views. Most of these tiny pieces of art are no bigger than an aglet! We took some time to chat with Eric about his little pieces of perfection.

Tell us a bit or about yourself?

I am a Sydney-based Architect and illustrator.

What was your inspiration behind creating these miniature art pieces?

Mid-2018 I decided to 'rein-in' on my sneaker collection. I've given away and sold the collection slowly over the year (inevitably, something every sneakerhead must go through.) I decided to paint a mini version of each of the shoes I parted with as a piece of memento, thus the start of the mini-art project ‘Sneaker Eulogy’.

What is your reason for mostly painting sneakers?

‘Sneaker Eulogy’ draws from my own thinning sneaker collection. There are other works besides the series of course.

What is your favorite sneaker to draw?

I’d say the original ‘Air Yeezy’ because of its unique shape and various textures and pattern.

If you could choose any sneaker to own, which would it be?

The hunt is not really what they used to be when almost any sneakers are attainable a click away given a deep enough pocket… but I have always wanted a pair of the ‘Nike Dunk SB low x Supreme white/ cement’.

Have you always been interested in art? and how did you get into it?

I’ve drawn from a very young age. Naturally, I have an affinity for art and design.

Outside of art and sneakers, do you have any other passions?

I love the game of basketball. I play weekly in social competitions and whenever the opportunity arises. It’s a beautiful game!

Nice catching up Eric!

Be sure to check out Eric’s Instagram page to keep up to date with his ‘Sneaker Eulogy’ series as well as his other tiny masterpieces!


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