Johannesburg locals tell us how sneakers make them feel

Johannesburg Locals Tell us How Sneakers Make Them Feel

Johannesburg has established itself as a cultural juncture of music, art, style, identity and creativity.  Starting in Braam, the creative epicentre, you don’t need to walk far to see that the city is centred around a culture of self-expression. Sneakers play a huge part in this, so we spent some time with the locals pushing the creative agenda of the city to find out more about their relationship with kicks.  

Over the next few months, we’ll be getting deeper into the Johannesburg scene; who’s who and who’s doing what, we’ll chat sneakers, how to make it in the city, explore a few creative corners, and celebrate those making the city what it is.



Music: ‘Just Us’ by Johnny Filter

Videography: Grant Payne


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