Nike Air Max 1/97 Hybrid Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon’s corduroy-clad Air Max 1/97 hybrid dropped last year in frustratingly small quantities, but it wasn’t the last we’d see of the sneaker. As promised, the RevolutionAir winner will join other Air Max Day releases in March. This much anticipated release is one of very few sneakers developed by Nike that features a Corduroy upper. Because we're obsessed with keeping your kicks looking fresher for longer, we've matched our premium sneaker care range to Wotherspoon's Air Max hybrid. 

Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Sneaker LAB


If you're planning to cop a pair this coming Air Max Day and want to avoid the upper from fraying or even preserve the character of this hyped sneaker, here's how you make sure your corduroy Air Max gets better with age:

1. If you manage to get a pair, your first priority is to get them protected. Spray our Sneaker Protector solution directly onto the upper and midsole of your new kicks. Allow the solution to soak in before adding another layer and leaving to dry overnight. This will create an invisible layer of protection which prevents liquids and solids from damaging the shoes material.

Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Sneaker LAB

2. Our Sneaker Cleaner is safe to use on corduroy, and our blend of pro-bacteria works to remove stains and continues to clean your shoes long after use, which means less cleaning, and less damage to your kicks over time. Spray over the dirt or stain, dip your brush into warm water, then gently massage affected area. 

Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Sneaker LAB

3. To maintain the look of your air unit and clean the fibers of the upper on-the-go, our Sneaker Wipes are the essential cleaning solution to match your hustle. Simply tear open the sachet and apply the wipe to dirt or stains. 

Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Sneaker LAB


This month we'll be celebrating Air Max Day by showing you how to clean, care and protect your air. Keep up to date with Sneaker LAB on Instagram as we build up to Air Max Day 2018.




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