An Interview with Artist Shantell Martin by Jay Carson

5 Minutes with Artist Shantell Martin


Jay Carson

Jay Carson recently took to the streets, inspired by the art of Shantell Martin, created a short series that portrays the intersection between the city and township life, illustrating contemporary South African living. A global content creator and founder of Township Rockstar Jay Carson, linked up with Shantell Martin. Check out the interview below.

British visual artist, Shantell Martin is best known for her stream-of-consciousness drawings and light projections. She's created a language of lines, part whimsical and part autobiographical. Her style of characters bridges the gap between fine art, performance art, and everyday life. If you're a fan of her work you would be familiar with her signature illustrations and lettering on some of Puma's sneakers.

"I'm really proud of the work I was able to do with PUMA. I think I was given a really great opportunity to explore fashion but really focus on the art of it and sharing my art with it." - Shantell Martin


Shantell Martin x Sneaker LAB


Who is Shantell Martin?

Shantell Martin is a 38-year-old visual artist from Britain,  I live and work in New York.


How do you get inspired?

I get inspired when I am able to sit with myself when everything gets quiet and I'm able to truly BE. 

  Shantell Martin x Sneaker LAB

What type of design work do you enjoy the most?

I like working in all mediums, I like when I haven't done something before and get to learn a new approach to my work. 


Tell us more about the meaning behind “ WHO ARE YOU & ARE YOU YOU”

Simply put, these are questions I ask myself a lot. It helps to guide me in my life. Am I being myself? Am I doing things that bring me closer to who I am at the core? 


What is your favourite piece of work in your portfolio? Why did you make it?

I don't have a favourite piece. Everything I've done is connected to experience in creating it and I don't think I could put one experience over another. 


Tell us a little about your collaboration with Puma? 

I'm really proud of the work I was able to do with PUMA. I think I was given a really great opportunity to explore fashion but really focus on sharing my art and merging it with my passion for streetwear. Shantell Martin x Sneaker LAB

What’s the best technique to add perspective to an image?

I don't know. I think it's very personal and depends on what the conversation you're having or creating with a piece. 


How has your work contributed to brand development?

I guess it's all related. I think authenticity in branding is what gives your brand life. 

Shantell Martin x Sneaker LAB

Where to from here? Do you have any upcoming projects?

Currently, I've got a residency at 92Y and a solo show there Why Now. 

2019 looks like it will be a busy year but I'm not able to talk about the projects just yet. 


What would you like to say to everyone who’s inspired by your work in the creative community?

Thank you for supporting me and my work! 


Check out Shantell Martin's work on her website and Instagram. If you want to know how to care for your sneakers check out the Sneaker LAB blog.

 Words by Jay Carson

Sneaker LAB Leather Care from Sneaker LAB on Vimeo.




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