Sneaker LAB: Waterless Cleaning is the Future

Water is undeniably the most important resource on Earth. Every living organism on Earth requires water for basic survival, but only 2.5% of all water is freshwater making it an incredibly precious resource. With the rapidly growing human population, it is vital that we start to rethink our attitude towards water. Water demands are expected to grow exponentially, so rapid lifestyle changes are in order to preserve water and reduce water scarcity. 

To ensure the longevity of our freshwater systems we need to move towards a more water-conscious lifestyle. One way we can become more water conscious is to address everyday water wastages. Laundry alone accounts for 22% of indoor water usage on a domestic level, a number Sneaker LAB wants to tackle head-on. The entire Sneaker LAB product range requires no additional water, providing effective, waterless solutions to clean, care for, and protect your sneakers.

In addressing the global water crisis, there is more to it than just water availability. Water quality plays a large role in water scarcity, as freshwater is defined as water of sufficient quality to support its intended function (e.g. agriculture, drinking, etc.). One of the largest threats to water quality is pollution and contamination. More than 80% of global wastewater is inadequately treated before it is returned to the environment, resulting in environmental contamination and pollutant accumulation. 

Laundry detergents normally contain various chemicals that land up contaminating water systems. Phosphates, a common detergent ingredient, results in eutrophication within water systems; a process whereby the alga grow enough to create a film covering the surface of the water. This increases toxin concentration with the water and slowly depletes the water of oxygen, resulting in an insufferable habitat for any living growth.

Ecosystems are intricately intertwined and a collapse of one node and results in the collapse of a food web. Not only that, but the contamination results in this water being inadequate to be labeled as freshwater, adding to global water scarcity.

Sneaker LABs cleaning solutions have been carefully formulated, with the help of biotechnology, to contain no soaps or harsh chemicals.

Water is a need, and it is important that we all strive towards looking after the Earth’s freshwater systems, something Sneaker LAB keeps at the forefront of our innovation.


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