The Future is Female: Annika

Meet Annika, a female sneakerhead with an Instagram account made of dreams. With rows and rows of drool-worthy streetwear and sneakers lining her wardrobe, we couldn’t not sit down and chat with her about her sneakers!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Annika, I‘m 24 years old and I live in a village next to St. Ingbert in the German region called Saarland. I‘m currently working as a ‘Mornings how Creative’ at a local youth radio station called UNSERDING. 

When did you start collecting your sneakers?

I started when I was 16. So around 8 years ago. 

What started your sneaker obsession?

It all started with a pair of AirMax90 Infrared. I discovered many colors and silhouettes and fell in love with different brands and shapes of sneakers.  



How do you define your style?

I don’t know how to define my style. I‘m not really into expensive streetwear stuff. I like to mix colorful sneakers with casual outfits. 

Which kicks are on your rotation at the moment?

Definitely my white Airforce 1. One of the best and most classy sneakers of all time! 

Another sneaker on my rotation is the Adidas Ozweego in the colors Sand and Black. These are so comfy! I highly recommend them. 

What empowers you as a woman?

I would say other women are my inspiration.

Girls supporting girls!

What is your opinion on the "Future is Female"?

I don’t know. I think gender equality is important. So I would not say the future is female. It should be male, female & divers or whatever people feel. But there’s a lot of work to do to reach this goal.

How many pairs of kicks do you own?


What are the next pair of sneakers that you're looking at buying?

I really need a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago. 

What is your go-to store to get your kicks?

I order most of my kicks online. I mostly check on It’s a sneaker search engine. I order limited pairs via Klekt.

Tell us a bit about what an average day of your life is like?

I usually get up at 4:30 a.m. and finish work around 3 p.m. After work, I mostly go to the gym. In the late afternoon/early evening, I take pictures for my Instagram or meet my friends. I also take dance classes twice a week and work as a wedding photographer. So there’s a lot of stuff on my agenda!

Make sure to check out her Instagram page, you can view her private sneaker collection in admiration and envy!

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