The Future (of Sneakers) is Female

The Future of Sneakers is Female

Have you ever seen a sneaker you loved, only to find out that that your favourite brand only stocks the style you want in men’s sizes only. Unfortunately many of the coolest designs are made in men’s sizes only.

 The Future of Sneakers is Female

The popularity of fresh kicks over heels or formal shoes is on the rise - the honest truth is that your sneakers don’t give a f*ck who wears them. Call it unisex, engendered or whatever you want, sneakers are made for everyone and the blur between men and women’s fashion is becoming more apparent in style, colour and aesthetic.

 The Future of Sneakers is Female

Purple Unicorn Planet, a fantasy shop was created to inspire Nike to make kicks for men, available in women’s sizes too. Unfortunately it seems like a few brands are stuck with an outdated view on what girls and boys should wear.

 The Future of Sneakers is Female

Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis, founders of Purple Unicorn Planet, say it isn’t an attack on brand s like Nike, but rather a “call to feet” - a shout-out to change it up for women and make sneakers inclusive.


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