Urbn Kraft: Bespoke Storage For Your Kicks

Collecting sneakers has tendency to go from hobby to obsession in a hurry—even for the most novice sneaker lovers out there, one pair becomes two, two becomes ten and before you know it, you've erected a city of sneaker box towers. As lovers of sneakers and the culture it supports, we linked-up with Kyle Inglis, founder of Urbn Kraft, a creative design studio in Cape Town, specialising in bespoke storage for your kicks.

Tell us what you do?

Basically we make original, beautiful, unique, mind blowing “furniture” items to store your beloved material possessions. But more formally, Urbn Kraft is a creative design manufacturer based in the Mother City, Cape Town. We produce bespoke items that captivates the realest of the real.  Our pieces are individually conceptualized and handmade using the best materials, fusing culturally hot designs with a classic finish.  Our builds are crafted to showcase timeless cultures with exceptional value to reinforce legitimacy.

Lifestyle creatives, innovators, cultural designers, breaking the norms of the industry. We believe in the relationship between the idea, the kraft and the product.

Kyle Inglis x Urbn Kraft

What's the inspiration behind Urbn Kraft?

It actually started off on a romantic note, my girlfriend saw something online that she wanted for her birthday. When I googled what she wanted I couldn’t find it anywhere in South Africa, and to ship it was going to cost an arm and a leg. And that triggered the optimist in me. I’ve always been told I was one of those know it all handy mans, so I thought I might as well just make her one of my own and score some extra brownie points in the process. So yeah it started as a romantic gesture a couple of years ago and then became a fun side hustle and now we believe were building something great.

urban Kraft x Kyle Inglis

What do you love most about creating?

I think it’s definitely not having any limits. We believe that creativity is a mentality of limitless thinking. It doesn’t necessarily mean beautifying a product but rather creating innovative ideas to find solutions. Because all our projects are custom, the first part of the process is finding out what the client wants. No matter what it is well find a way to achieve that goal for the project.

Urbn Kraft x Kyle Inglis Interview

Tell us about the process and energy that goes into making a custom sneaker box?

All of our units are custom built so naturally the process starts with a very sincere conversations. We try and build a real transparent relationship with our clients so that we can truly understand what they want and we iron out all the limitations. Our golden egg is our knowledge around materials, so after we truly understand what our clients want we would pitch three options varying materials from premium prices to affordable quality. We never create units without engaging a sincere process we want all Urbn Kraft products to be unique and the highest quality to meet our clients desires. The whole process is intrinsically motivated, we love creating beautiful innovative products that blows our mind and the clients. 

Urbn Kraft x Kyle Inglis

What's been your most exciting project to work on?

We’ve been fortunate enough to build a really good relationship with Reebok South Africa. The relationship came about very sincerely when one of their athletes Damian de Allende requested a unit from us.

But I think definitely the most exciting project was designing AKA's storage unit. We pulled out quite a bit of crazy new tricks with his one. All the bells and whistles that could be expected with a basic sneaker storage unit. The unit come together with a diamond black stained finish and then in true AKA style we coupled it with a gold frosted glass shelf & golden 3D illuminated lettering. Lastly seeing that AKA we added a suspended rooftop lid that is lit up for the Supa Mega Superstar.

Obviously the fact that AKA is arguably one of our countries biggest artists might of added to the excitement, but he showed a great amount of appreciation for what we did with reebok.

If you love sneakers as much as we do and looking to organise your growing sneaker collection, check out Kyle Inglis and Urbn Kraft on Instagram for bespoke, handcrafted storage units.




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