Our Commitment to Building Education For South African Children Through Daily Nutritious Meals

Sneaker LAB is committed to the future of sneaker care and the future of our world. We believe in giving back and this forms part of who we are as a brand. We have partnered with the Peninsula School Feeding Association and adopted three schools on our local turf, Cape Town. We are committed to providing daily nutritious meals to the children to enable a solid foundation of learning and increase school attendance.

A bit about PSFA:

PSFA is a registered non-profit organization that has been around for 60 years. Their mission is to combat the prevalence of hunger in children attending schools and other developmental institutions, through school feeding and developmental initiatives during their time at school.

To date, PSFA has done a fantastic job in providing over 1,7 billion nutritious meals to underprivileged school children, promoting a sound grounding for education, which is key, not only to the children’s future but to everyone’s future. PSFA currently provides daily meals to a total of 27 121 learners at 165 educational institutions in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Their main aim is to reduce short term hunger, to enhance these children’s ability to learn through school feeding. By providing schools with feeding programs they wish to end the cycle of poverty by encouraging children to attend school regularly, allowing them to learn, grow, develop and achieve! All things that cannot be done on an empty stomach.

We look forward to a great journey of giving back and uplifting communities.

Find out more about The Peninsula School Feeding Association and the work they do at www.psfa.org.za .



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